I Shall Feed My God With Praises


My father and my God, I am here to feed you with praises, songs, dance and adoration. This is where I fit in as a caterer to you O Lord.

When I say, “I shall feed my God”, people may think it is earthly food. But it is not, because you don’t eat meat, or food of men, neither do you take fruit, drink water or wine.

I am a failure abinitio (from beginning) if I do. Even if I cook it, it will end up in the mouth of men and women, young and old.

What food do men think I will cook for my God? Is it pounded yam, yam or porridge? Is it white rice, fried rice or jollof rice? Is it salad, European, Indian, Arabian or continental dishes? These and other foods are useless and vain venture before your eyes.

If I cook food, which soup shall I serve my God? Is it okro soup, vegetable soup, continental soup or what? These are nothing but a waste.

Praise is the food of my God. If I praise my God, he listens and answers me. He is moved into action.

If I make burnt offering of rams and the fat of fattened animals, it is a waste. You won’t accept it. You are God that has no pleasure in the blood of rams, bulls, goats or lambs. By you, they are created.

The fact is, you don’t feel hungry and can’t be hungry. Your food is praise. Hence, I praise you O Lord, and shall praise you till eternity.


Sing this song loud and clear:






I praise you O Lord. The Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending. You know the beginning of all things, you know the end as well. Before I take any step you know it, before I was formed in my mother’s belly you know it, before I was born, you know it. What I will be, what I will pass through on this planet earth, are known to you.

As you know the beginning of all things before it started, so you know the end before it happens. O Lord, that knows the end from the beginning, I praise you.

You are God that protects in the day and at night. You protect me in my sleep, in my work and walks. You stand by me like a ROCK. You are my refuge and fortress. If not for you, I would have been forgotten by now. Enemies would have said, “We got him/her at last”.

If not for you O Lord, when enemy flayed against me, they would have swallowed me. The flood would have engulfed me. The torrent would have swept over me. The raging waters would have swept me away.

Here I am before my Lord, a free man/woman. Yes, I escape like a bird out of the fowler’s snare. The snare of the enemy assign to entangle me break. The bait assign to lure me into slavery and dark detention is no more. I am free by my Father, the Maker of heaven and earth.

The Alpha and Omega did it all. He is a War Club, my Weapon for Battle. With Him, dark kingdom scattered, works of darkness against me scatter by fire, dark horses and their riders that were fashioned against me died, the old and young that rise up against me were shamefully defeated. Dark farmers in the vineyard of my life die, while principalities and powers that rise up against me scatter and die.

I praise you O Lord who did all these. My Great Comforter who comforts me, the Eternal King, who looks after me. My Spring of Living Water who sees me through, day by day. I praise you.

I praise you O Lord, with all my heart. I will praise my God, who saves me to this day. “Before a word is on my tongue you know it completely, O LORD” Psalm 139:4.

You are a God of Hope to the hopeless. A God of the widow, the orphan and the fatherless. It is You and You only that can put voice of celebration and joy in their mouths. They look unto you, and you answer them. Your glory move from generation to generation. You are God Almighty, the Eternal God.

My praises, go to heaven, blast the firmament open, shake heaven, receive attention of the Most High. He is God worthy to be praised. This is all I can do to seek His face and receive answer.

O Lord, you can see far and wide. You are a lifter of Hope, Chief Favour of all flesh, Merciful God, Flourisher of Soul, Great Promise Fulfiller.

You are a Wonderful and Great God. When you promise, you fulfill it. There is no word you utter that did not come to pass. In fact, you said your word is You. It doesn’t go out of your mouth unfulfilled. This I know and you do. I praise you O Lord, Great Fulfiller of His Word.

You promise Abraham, he will be a great nation, you fulfill it. Israel was born out of him, through Jacob. To this day, exists a nation called Israel. It is you that did it. When you promise Abraham long life, you fulfilled it. When you promise to make him great; you fulfilled it.

When you promise the birth of Isaac through Sarah, his betrothed wife, You fulfill the promise; as it is written; “Now the LORD was gracious to Sarah as he had said, and the LORD did for Sarah what he had promised” Genesis 21:1.

When you told Abraham that his children shall go into slavery in a foreign land, but shall be set free at last, you did it.

When you said it will happen up to his fourth generation that shall be so enslaved and be set free, (Genesis 15:16), it happens just as you said.

Abraham was the first generation, Isaac the second, Jacob the third, while his children became fourth generation in the land of Egypt.

You are a wonderful God that sees the future before it happens. Hence, you are a Prophet of prophets, Great Fulfiller of Situations.

This Blog was culled from my book Shake Heaven With Prayer And Praises.
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