Command The Night Against Deadly Arrows That Bury Destiny



A fulfilled destiny is a fulfilled life. Your destiny is the corner stone of your existence. If your destiny is attacked everything about you is under attack. Your today and tomorrow are in question. Any personality or power that stands against your destiny is against your existence.

A battered destiny co-operates with the voice of enemy. Once a destiny is under captivity, it will obey evil command. A destiny can be captivated in various ways. It can be buried, it can be hanged on evil trees, it can be padlocked with evil padlock, it can be cursed by parents, friends or enemy, a destiny can be cooked in evil pot, called cauldron. A destiny can be covenanted to evil river, idols, evil forest, evil altar etc.

Whenever a destiny is under attack a minus to life is in place. Poverty sets in, while breakthrough becomes a mirage. It is said, money answereth all things. If someone whose destiny is attacked is poor and falls sick, it may lead to untimely death, as he may not have means to medication, food or prayer! Prayer is cheap to come by, but expensive to execute if the mind is not settled.

Your destiny starts from the head. The head is the symbol of destiny. It is from this faculty of reasoning; the head, we execute plans. Once the plans are positively executed, open heaven in terms of riches and wealth, righteousness and salvation comes in. It is a fallacy that if you are rich, you will not be righteous or be saved. Remember, father Abraham was rich and was saved.

It is therefore good to combat any power assign to attack your destiny and powers or personality assign to molest, boast or kill you. Such powers possess deadly weapons and arrows they use in their criminal activities. If you are not careful and close to God, they may pull you down before you notice it. They don’t want good things fulfilled in a life. They hate progress. Your breakthrough is a poison to them. They will fight to stop it by all means.

There are deadly powers that do it. They possess deadly arrows, deadly weapons and deadly ammunition to hack down victims. It is high time you rise and stop them. I thank God for you to be lucky to come across this book. Hence, I say, stop them before they stop you!

I don’t pray they use these deadly arrows against you before you fight the battle. Arise at night, and declare war against them. Night battle is a must, if you want to win these deadly fellows. They are wicked and heartless, looking for whom to devour. Let today be a day that will open your eyes to midnight battle of all battles that will set your destiny free from bondage.

It is important you know a number of arrows applied by this heartless enemy of progress. The arrow relates to havoc they cause in lives of victims. Witchcraft arrows are many, but we shall mention just a few before we go into prayer. They are:

  1. Arrow of affliction
  2. Arrow of nakedness.
  3. Arrow of backwardness.
  4. Arrow of stagnancy.
  5. Arrow of miscarriage.
  6. Arrow of sickness and disease.
  7. Arrow of wickedness.
  8. Arrow of opposition.
  9. Arrow of bewitchment.
  10. Arrow of rise and fall.
  11. Arrow of disgrace.
  12. Arrow of setback.
  13. Arrow of slavery.
  14. Arrow of delay.
  15. Arrow of delay.
  16. Arrow of lust.
  17. Arrow of emptiness.
  18. Arrow of plague.
  19. Arrow of idolatry.
  20. Arrow of captivity.


  1. Satanic arrow fired to manipulate and sentence me to death backfire in the name of Jesus.

  2. Every wicked arrow fired from evil hand to anoint my head for evil backfire in the name of Jesus.

  3. Every arrow of destruction fired to attack my brain backfire in the name of Jesus.

  4. Every arrow fired so that my star shall not rise and shine, backfire in the name of Jesus.

  5. Every arrow of wickedness fired against my head to cause invisible darkness to cover my head, clear away, in the name of Jesus.

  6. Every curse pronounced against my head from evil altar backfire in the name of Jesus.

  7. Every arrow fired against my head, to manipulate my glory and rewrite my destiny for evil, backfire in the name of Jesus.

  8. Every arrow fired from my parents against my life, enough is enough, backfire in the name of Jesus.

  9. Every arrow fired from strongman and strongwoman of my father’s house against my destiny backfire, in the name of Jesus.

  10. Arrow of death fired against my head; backfire in the name of Jesus.

  11. Wicked arrow fired from pit of hell to chain my head backfire in the name of Jesus.

  12. Every arrow fired to deposit insanity in my head backfire in the name of Jesus.

  13. Every arrow fired so that deliverance will not take place in my life, it is not my portion, backfire to your sender, in the name of Jesus.

  14. Every arrow fired to summon my head from the grave, backfire and scatter the grave in the name of Jesus.

  15. Every arrow fired to turn my head to tail region, backfire in the name of Jesus.

  16. Arrows fired from covens of darkness to scatter my destiny, backfire in the name of Jesus.

  17. Every arrow fired to dry wisdom of God in my life, backfire in the name of Jesus.

  18. Voice of strangers from pit of hell casting spells against my head, shut up; let the evil arrow consume you in the name of Jesus.

  19. Arrow of evil water used to wash my head, be converted to blood of Jesus, and let every evil backfire in the name of Jesus.

  20. Bullets of darkness fired into my head, come out; backfire to your sender in the name of Jesus.
This Blog was culled from my book Command the Night with 370 Prayers against Deadly Arrows that Bury Destiny.

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