Command The Month Of September 2022




The month of September is a month of many colors. This is the beginning of the last quarter of the year. This is a month of celebration. Tears and sorrow will not be your portion, in the name of Jesus. People believe, Ember months are months to fear and dread, because bad things do happen. But lo!; the Lord assures me, what you sow from January to this month shall not be in vain. Your harvest shall be in full, your cup shall runs full and over in the name of Jesus.

As David saw the end of Goliath, so shall you see the end of mountains and Goliath in the spirit boasting at you. The Lord uniquely creates you to rule the world and make your impact felt. You will not miss it! One of the ways God shows mercy in his Kingdom is to shorten the distance between you and the light needed to bring you from the ground and enthrone you. He said the people that sat in darkness have seen a great light.

Therefore, rise from depression where circumstances kept you to a new life. Arise and decree good things to your life, your light are come. The Lord shall give you encounter to finish this year well. The Lord shall transform you to a level that will marvel you to the end of the year. Let your heart be flooded with light to see and understand deep things of life. One thing I know is; testimonies upon testimonies shall be your portion this month.

There is a particular instrument you will use, it is FASTING AND PRAYER. You need it because the Lord is preparing you for what is ahead. The Lord says, start new projects in prayer and in action, or begin working through old ones that you may have put aside because they were too difficult or uncomfortable.

The good news is; the battle is won! The battle is less terrifying! Any counter incidence against your project or career shall fail. Rebuke dark powers through fasting and prayer. To achieve good things of life and testimony, I recommend my new book to you. They are ANXIOUS TO FAST AND PRAY: WEAPONS TO USE BEFORE, DURING, AND AFTER FAST and THE FACULTY OF FASTING AND PRAYER: THE POWER OF FASTING AND PRAYER FOR INSTANT ANSWERThis book is too loaded to be rejected. The book is timely and wonderful.

This book is written to give 100% opportunity to explore and excel in the realm of prayer. The book is in 3 PHASES. The first phase is, how to pray BEFORE FAST, followed by how to pray and fast DURING FASTING period and lastly how to pray AFTER FASTING. The book is loaded with word of God and prayer. You need it.

This is a special month, come to the Lord with your heart open, come to God with your spirit open and come to Him with open mind. This month shall transform you. We move together to this month of September; you shall not be left behind in this month. We shall witness October together to the end of this year and ahead, in the name of Jesus. Amen.

I decree upon your life, as you step into this month, the presence of God will go with you. The power of God will protect you.  The Spirit of God will direct you. The strength of God will sustain you. The face of God will shine upon you. The wisdom of God will guide you. The eyes of God will watch over you and your family. The hands of God will carry you. The peace of God will preserve you. The goodness of God will surround you. The favor of God will announce you. The grace of God will speak for you. The angel of God will encamp around you and your family. This month shall be your month of divine visitation in the name of Jesus.


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Tella Olayeri grew from Spiritual Warrior to Spiritual Warlord in the Vineyard of God. His books have changed lives of millions, with banner of praises and testimonies in their hands! He is a solution giver to problems and challenges men and women pass through on daily basis. He frowns at satanic oppression and demonic agenda propagated by powers of darkness. He is known for his wonderful deliverance books that address, swallow and bring abrupt end to fierce attacks of the enemy. "Wonders and Miracles", connotes his deliverance books. Tella's books are globally read and accepted, based on operation "do-it-yourself". His books are instant solution to problems laced with fire prayer missiles that give instant deliverance to demonic yoke and oppression, health hazards, witchcraft attacks etc. His books will teach your hands to wage war and your fingers to fight against forces of darkness. Tella Olayeri is a role model in Christian warfare. He is a Counselor and Preacher of the Word. His writings are wonderful and courageous for Christian soldiers in the battle of life to harvest breakthrough, salvation, spiritual protection, open doors and miracles. One of his major research book is DICTIONARY OF DREAMS, that gives instant relief to millions of how to interpret dreams. The book has about ten thousand (10,000) dreams with accurate interpretations. Tella Olayeri is happily married to his wife, Sister Ngozi Judith Olayeri. The marriage is blessed with five children, Miss Ibukun, David, Michael, Miss Comfort and Miss Mercy.


  1. I attended your last zoom meeting titled Take Your Case To God.

    I got my dream Job and grateful for all you do.

    I have sowed a seed to your ministry. God bless you Sir and may your anointing never run dry.

  2. I am currently reading your book about the Blood of Jesus. I love the book and find it very fascinating. I pray the Lord grant you long live as you are a blessing to this generation. Also sowed a seed to your ministry. Stay blessed, Pastor Tella.


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